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 About Davangere

Davangere (Kannada: ದಾವಣಗೆರೆ) is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is the administrative headquarters of Davangere District. The city is located on NH4 (National Highway 4) at a distance of about 265 km from the state capital of Bangalore. Davangere became separate district in 1997; it was separated from the district of Chitradurga. Previously known for its cotton mills, it is a fast developing city of Karnataka. There was a time when the city was called Manchester of Karnataka due to its excellent quality of cotton produced in its cotton mills and hand looms. Geography Davangere is surrounded from Chithradurga,Bellary,Shimoga & Haveri districts. Davangere is at the center of karnataka 14° 28’ latitude, 75° 59’ altitude & 602.5 mts (1984 ft)high from Sea level, Davanagere district receives average annual rainfall of 644.0 mm.[3] Davanagere lies in the Bayalu Seeme or the Maidan region on the Deccan Plateau. The district is bounded by Shimoga District, Haveri District, Chitradurga District, and Bellary District

Famous personalities
  • Famous Personalities of Davangere District are
    • R.R.Srinivasa murthy (R.H.Family)
    • J.H.Patel (Former Chief Minister of Karnataka)
    • Dr.M.C.Modi(Murugappa Channaveerappa Modi)
    • Rajanahalli Hanumanthappa(Donator and Businessman)
    • Murugeppa Chigateri (Businessman and Philanthropist)
    • Ajjampur rangappa (arg Collage doner)
    • G.Mallikarjunappa(Politician, academician and Businessman)
    • Kondajji Basappa(Politician)
    • Kasal Srinivasasetty (Bapuji Association Founder)
    • Shamanur Shivshankarappa(Businessman, Politician and academician)
    • S.H.Patel(Politician, Scholar and Social worker )
    • Dr S.M. Yeli (eminent Doctor, Social worker and academician)
    • Bramhappa Tavanappa(Businessman and Donator)
    • Hasabavi Kottrappa (Businessman and social worker)
    • S.Kotrabasappa (Bapuji Founder)
    • Hariharada Kempuhonnappa(Freedom Fighter and Donator)
    • Devendrappa Tavanappa(Businessman and Donator)
    • Nagamma keshavamurthy(Politician)
    • Jayachandra Hasabavi (Businessman and Donator)
    • J.B Aradhya(Journalist)
  • Ranganath Vinay Kumar (Indian Cricketer)
Davangere District includes following Taluks:
  • Davangere
    • Harihar
    • Jagalur
    • Honnali
    • Channagiri
  • Harpanahalli

Kunduvada kere (Mallikarjuna sagara Parivartita Kunduwada Kere) in Davangere, is a picturesque lake. It is one of the sources of drinking water for the city.Other one is a lake at T.V. Station that has a good view of sunset and is a popular picnic spot.

Bathi Gudda is situated 4kms from Davangere city towards harihara, from the top of this hill city looks beautiful. Beside this hill Bhadra sugar factory & Bathi lake are situated. you can even visit the Davangere Dairy located in Bathi, which supplies milk to Davangere & Chithradurga district.

Kondajji is situated around 12kms from Davangere city. Its a major scout & guides camp for south India which is named in the commemorance of Kondajji Basappa. In kondajji there are 3 hills, a lake & boating is available.

Soole kere (Shanthi Sagara) near Davangere, is a major water supply source and also second largest pond in Asia. It was built by namesake Princess Shanthi during 12th century. Now it is a water source for both drinking and agriculture. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Siddeshwara near the lake. An Aqueduct designed by Sir M Vishweshwariah is also a major tourist attraction. The government is taking steps to spruce up tourist attractions in the area.